A Product Tailor-Made
for Your Car & Family

With Intelli7, you take home a finely catered product whose characteristics have been custom designed to bring a personalized touch to the safety of your car and family. Each of its features has been installed, keeping in mind the safety concerns and comfort factors pertaining to Indian roads and families. We deliver safety uncompromised, with the help of telematics that lends intelligence to your car’s ecosystem, making it self-efficient during potential threat situations.

Its features also bring you the convenience of keeping your vehicle under watch 24*7, whether it’s overnight or while being left in parking lots. Intelli7 app will allow you not only to monitor the health and safety of your car and loved ones at the convenience of your smartphone but also to take necessary actions to avoid any unwanted situation or theft.


  • Live route mapping

  • Time-saving car search

  • Convenient engine health status notification

  • Real-time vehicle tracking anytime and anywhere

  • Instant notification in case of security breach

  • Button-push security for panic situations

  • Engine immobilizing through app in case of theft

  • Speed monitoring right from your home

  • Intelligent self-calling in case of accidents

  • Graphical reports and car diagnostics for entire route travelled